#HRM20: Reflecting on a career in PR

#HRM20: Reflecting on a career in PR

Two years ago, I was working in a very different role to the one I’m in now at HR Media.

At university, I studied film as an undergraduate and later at postgraduate level. My previous work experience includes administration, telecommunications, and working in a café (I make an excellent latte). It’s fair to say my experience was not strictly related to the industry but little did I know, everything I’d done in my career thus far had set me up for a career in PR.

In August 2016, I was made redundant. At the time, it was a huge knock to my confidence and I had the usual worries, but I tried to see it as a positive and realised this could be the turning point in my career.

Looking back, in my previous role, I was always on the look out for more. While I enjoyed my work, I often found myself completing all my tasks quickly and I regularly asked managers if there were other projects I could get involved with. This eventually led to me working on our team’s monthly enewsletter – I loved it and it fast became my favourite part of the role.

When I saw the advert for the vacancy at HR Media, I realised that this was the kind of role I’d been searching for all along and I applied immediately.

I was nervous heading into my interview – most of the staff have years of industry experience and PR or communications qualifications – but with the skills I’d gained from previous roles, I knew that working for HR Media was exactly what I wanted to do.

I love coming to work and building strong relationships with different clients – Redbrik, Stagecoach, Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, and Frenchgate to name a few – across a wide range of platforms. This is a role that allows you to be so creative on a daily basis, from creating engaging content for social media, to writing a great press release, and everything in between.

I’ve learnt so much since starting my HR Media journey and I continue to do so every day. One of the best parts of working here is the amazing team of people who are always supportive, whether that’s taking the time to proof read work, offering inspiration when facing a creative block or making you smile when your workload seems overwhelming.

I’ve recently taken on the new role of Senior Account Executive and, having firmly established myself as part of the HRM family, I realise that everything about this job feels right to me.